In this mini-class:

Dr. Brandon David Credeur interviews Dr. Ben Lerner. Dr. Lerner is one of the most successful functional medicine practitioners in the industry. He is an entrepreneur, coach, and mentor to over 5,000 functional medicine doctors. Dr. Lerner’s success leaves clues and his generosity in this mini-class is priceless.

After this mini-class you will be able to:

  • Use The 3 Integral Pillars Of A Dinner Talk

  • Understand Why Patients Have A Hard Time Complying With Your Recommendations & How To Fix It Producing an infrastructure that helps your practice run without problems.

  • Use The Only Tool That Gets Patients To Think

  • Understand The Rule Of Intimacy & How To Use It

Quote From Brandon:

“The only Functional Medicine Doctor I know that went back to school to get a Masters degree in Psychology, so he could learn why patients do what they do - Fascinating.”